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"I always feel well adjusted!"

Submitted by C.E.

"My teenage son injured his back playing basketball Thurs. night which lead us to Dr. Clendenan's office for the first time. We had to be accurate and aggressive with his treatment as his last game was to be on Saturday. One of Dr. Clendenan's associates evaluated and treated my son on our 1st and 2nd visits on Friday and did a nice job. Saturday, Dr. Clendenan adjusted my son twice early in the morning then took time out of his busy schedule to call the chiropractor near the college where we were playing our last game. He personally arranged my son's treatment with that chiropractor himself. When we arrived they were well prepared and were able to treat my son quickly and thoroughly. My son was able to play in the game well even though he couldn't even walk on Friday morning. As if this wasn't impressive enough, Dr. Clendenan took time out of his day on Sunday to make a special phone call to check on my son to make sure he was okay. Dr. Clendenan has won us over both by his caring nature and his ability as a doctor. I can't thank you enough Dr. Clendenan."

Submitted by B.A.

"I feel a night and day difference after my visit today. Dr Hessler is by far the best chiropractor i've ever been to. Hearing his excitement in being a part of this practice is really encouraging. Can't wait to come back!"

Submitted by D.W.

"I feel so much better after an adjustment with Dr. Clendenan. I have trusted him with my spinal health for over 20 years. He is a good listener and with over 40 years of experience, he is a specialist in knowing what is needed for each individual adjustment."

Submitted by B.P.

"Dr. Hessler is awesome! After being adjusted, i always feel 100% better!"

Submitted by J.G.

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